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Dry docks

Our Dry docks has the capacity to dry-berth vessels up to 65m and cater to multiple vessels at the same time. The dry- docks, accompanied by a travelling crane (up to 50t), and are also covered by berth cranes with a capacity of 20 tons.

The dry-docks are provided with a powerful pumping station for de-watering the docks as well as with pipelines for seawater, fresh water, compressed air, etc. The facility has a 50 Hz 220V/380V lighting and electric power supply.


Fabrications Workshop

Modern fabrication area of more than 100 sqm is equipped with modern cutting & fabrication machinery.

The crane capacities and heights are designed to build the ship blocks in sections inside the workshop.

The capacity of steel production is 30 tons per day, reaching an annual figure of 12.000 tons.

The lifting capacity is max 50 tons/total of 12 cranes.

Mechanical Workshop

Our mechanical workshop has a wide range of machinery to handle mechanical repairs of engines, pumps, heaters, boilers, compressors and gears. Our experienced workforce can carry out turbocharger overhauling, reconditioning, retubing, boring, lapping and machining of parts in our facilities.


Boat Lift

Boat lift is a caisson type mini floating dock built on continuous tri – hull pontoons with lateral wing walls, suitable for shallow water operation. It is specially designed to transfer boat from water to land (Dry berth) and vice versa.

Specially used for docking and undocking the vessel, boat lift is moved in vertical direction with the guidance of spud piles.  The movement is carried out through ballasting and de – ballasting of the tanks.

Ballasting of the tanks is accomplished through gravity filling and de – ballasting system is pneumatically operated. The lifted vessel is locked with securing arm which is hydraulically operated, until boat is transferred to the land.

Rubber Roller Operation

This is the Primary stage of Boat Lift. Walkers Colombo Shipyard(WCS) provide the service for dry berthing, launching and salvaging the vessels using rubber roller operation.

We have successfully completed a number of tasks of the below mentioned vessels.

Sea Grace (27 m ×6 m , Displacement : 125 Ton)
Sayuru (50 m ×12 m , GRT : 590 Ton)
Meridian 1 (24 m ×5.94 m , GRT : 95 Ton)
Ruhuna 1 (19.5 m ×5 m , GRT : 50 Ton)
KRY Barge (42 m ×12.8 m , Displacement : 210 Ton)
Commander 6 (17.3 m ×4.2 m , GRT : 42.7 Ton)
Commander 8 (18.5 m ×4.4 m , GRT : 27 Ton)